Saturday, 23 November 2013

Our shop comes to you!

If one needs something, but one hasn't the foggiest where to buy it, here one can always wait until "the" brochure lands in the letterbox.

"The" brochure is in this particular case a small brochure (A5 format) for a shop on wheels. They sell a lot of garden utensils, but also car accessories, tools, shoes, household utensils, etc., etc. The brochure tells you when the "camion" (there are a couple of firms operating like this) visits your town or village.
For a while now we have been looking for a jack which we can use to tilt the lawnmower to clean the underside of it. This, in our opinion, seemed something that one of those shops on wheels might sell. And lo and behold, the next time we received 'the" brochure, the jack was there, and it was on special offer as well.
So on the big day we went to the Place de l'école in Cormatin with the idea of finding a big lorry. Well, we were not disappointed, even though the lorry was slightly bigger than we had expected.... But at least we have found our jack!

Shop on wheels
La Tuilerie de Chazelle uses the mower to maintain gardens of second home owners.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


This is not the first time I have written a blog about jazz concerts in the area, however, other blogs have been concentrating on concerts organised by Jazz Et Caetera or by Jazz in Trivy.
Gadjo Combo
Outside this circuit however, there are also other concerts that are worth attending. France boasts quite a lively jazz culture, certainly where it concerns music in the tradition of the Hot Club de France. A guitarist like Biréli Lagrène (mentioned a few times in my blogs) can be considered to be the figurehead of this style, although the guy has a lot more to offer then being a good Django clone.
Recently we stumbled for the second time upon the Gadjo Combo. Gadjo is a Romani word, meaning a person who has got certain links with this Gipsy tribe, but is not a Romani himself.
Their music can be classified as Manouche or Gipsy jazz. We had once heard them in the Cellier of the former abbey in Tournus, a splendid venue with excellent music, and this time they were giving a concert on the parvis (the "church square") in front of the Romanesque church of Brancion. This parvis is a high field offering a stunning view over the Grosne valley.
A musical sunset
And again, a lovely evening with a stunning sunset, an enthusiastic and inspired band, an attentive audience and an interesting repertoire turned this evening into a success. They played, apart from a number of Hot Club the France standards quite a few good compositions of their own. Still I find that one of their encores, their rendition of the classic "Les yeux noirs" (Ochi Chornyye or Dark Eyes), is one of the tensest pieces they played during the concert.

The Gadjo Combo performs regularly in the vicinity of La Tuilerie de Chazelle.