Saturday, 28 March 2015


Of course there was no formal referendum organised when the new butcher opened his doors, but one could say in hindsight that “the people” has spoken.

2010 - The festive opening
What happened before: in September 2010 the new butcher’s was opened with a great fanfare. We went there several times, and we never were really impressed by what he had to offer. His meat as well as his charcuterie were mediocre, and that is a bit of an understatement. The same message we received from other villagers, and we were not really surprised when this butcher closed his shop fairly soon. After that another butcher gave it a try, but through some marital problems between the butcher, his wife and a third party, this butcher closed his doors almost as fast as he had opened them.
In the meantime we frequented for special occasions Xavier Balon in Salornay-sur-Guye who sells superb meat, salads and charcuterie. His roast beef in slices, although not always available when you want it, has so far been unparalleled.
Some time ago there was again some movement on the butcher’s front. Signs about opening soon appeared out of nowhere, and on 12 March the new butcher’s was open. We were a bit sceptical, once we stood at the till. The meat looked good, and the same held for the patés and the charcuterie. However, one never knows….
When we ordered a piece of steak, the butcher advised us to take a different cut, which was fractionally cheaper, but would have a better taste. We followed his advice, and went home with a bit of everything, including the two pieces of steak.
Everything tasted fine, but for the steaks I am still looking for words.

Just before re-opening
The meat was as very tender, so tender one could have cut it with the blunt side of a knife, had one wanted to. I can honestly say that I do not remember ever having had a piece of meat of this quality, and since I love steak in all forms, and since we are living in the Charollais, an area with reputedly the best beef in France, I believe I can speak with some authority. Now what does this have to do with a plebiscite?
Each meeting of the organising committee of the Guitar Festival ends with a mâchon, freely translated as a light meal. The new butcher had the benefit of the doubt, and the whole group, approx. 18 people, were very impressed with the quality of his meats.
Every year the commune together with a local association, organises an extensive lunch for those over 65 years of age. And since the date for this lunch more or less coincided with the opening of the new butcher / caterer, the traiteur was judged by a group of approx. 80 people. And also here the opinion was unanimous: excellent food at a very reasonable price.
And in a commune of just over 500 inhabitants, this can be seen as a plebiscite, true or not?

A lunch for those over 65 (and for those younger - at a price!)
The link to the website of La Tuilerie de Chazelle can be found here.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Free of charge

The abbey of Cluny and the Musée d’Ochier are free of charge open from November until March the first Sunday of the month.

Spiral staircase - Musée Ochier - Cluny
And since that period is outside the tourist season mainly locals take this opportunity. Why spend € 8 per person if not necessary, and without any effort as well?

Transept Cluny III - Cluny
I wanted (or had to) produce some pictures on the theme “Curves”, and since Malibu Beach is not exactly around the corner, and neither fever nor exchange rate curves seemed very appealing, I decided to try my luck in Cluny. Romanesque as well as Gothic architecture is based on all sort of curved arches and vaults, hence it should not be too difficult to find some interesting curved constructions or decorations for this chore.

Monumental staircase ENSAM - Cluny
Making a choice from an extensive series of photographs very often turns out more traumatic than taking the pictures itself. This blog contains some curved construction or decorative elements I stumbled upon this rainy Sunday.

Gallilée - Cluny
One extra remark: for those who do not stay in this part of the world between November and March the investment of € 8 to see the abbey and museum on a non free of charge day is worth every penny!

The link to the website of La Tuilerie de Chazelle can be found here.