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After a long life behind a desk in an engineering office, I decided that it was time for a change. Me and my wife decided to start our Great leap forward, bought a house in 2004 (an ancient tile factory) in the heart of South Burgundy in order to start our new life. In 2005 we had packed up all our gear, including the building plans for a small campsite (6 tents only!) and 2 gîtes in the former stables. At the moment, 2009, we are settled in well, the campsite is up and running, the gîtes are reasonably well occupied, and we are enjoying life in this part of France to the full extent.
The thought behind this Blog is to share my experiences with friends and with those who are interested in what Burgundy, and more specific in what Saône-et-Loire (71) has got to offer.
To give you just a hint of what to expect: I live in the commune of Cormatin, a stonethrow away from the religious community of Taizé; Cormatin itself has a beautiful Château (XVII century), and the area around Cormatin is shattered with Romanesque churches, chateaux and fortified castles and houses, vineyards, etc. Towns like Cluny and Tournus have both remains of an abbey which are well worth a visit. Culturally there are plenty of events around here, like the Cormatin Guitar Festival, the theatre Festival Rendez-vous de Cormatin, concerts of high quality are regularly given in Cluny and Chapaize….
And further there are the experiences of living among the French. I have certainly suffered from culture-shock at several occasions.
In short, apart from the beautiful landscape, there are plenty of things to enjoy here!

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