Monday, 27 June 2011

Guitares en Cormatinois – Alexandre Baty

Although I do not hold out high hopes that tourists will come to Cormatin just for this festival, it is certainly worth knowing that when in the vicinity for whatever reason during this event, it might be worth getting tickets for one or more concerts. The first (excellent) concert took place in the church of Cormatin and was given by Alexandre Baty, a young and promising trumpet player. He has won various international contests, such as those of Budapest and Prague, plays as soloist with various French orchestras and will move soon to Amsterdam to take up a post as soloist with the prestigious Royal Concertgebouw there. He was accompanied by the young pianist Véronique Goudin-Léger.
The concert started with Vivaldi’s concert for 2 trumpets and orchestra, whereby Guy Touvron, artistic director of the festival “Guitares en Cormatinois” and renowned French trumpet player took care of the second trumpet. The concert continued with Haydn’s well known trumpet concerto, a concerto by Tartini (Italian baroque composer) and two slightly more modern pieces by Vassilly Brandt (1869-1923) resp. Oskar Böhme (1870-1938).
Goudin had reserved Rachmaninov’s prelude no. 6 for herself to show her capabilities as a soloist.
The 19th century church has very good acoustics for this sort of music; it is amazing how clear certainly the high notes of the trumpet sound in this building.
Then of course after the concert there is a buffet for and with the musicians and the volunteers, which was excellent as ever. However, that is not included in the price of the tickets ordinary concert goers are paying….

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