Saturday, 7 July 2012

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!

Not so long ago we discovered that Cluny still has a town crier. The first indication of this we saw nailed on a tree at the market: the paper said that in order to have your message cried out you had to post it before a certain time in a letterbox in the high street. The crier would be crying out loud your message later in front of Café Le Bistro in the high street. And although we always pass by Le Bistro on our way to the market, we have never seen the crier in the blood. Until one Saturday morning, when we went to the market a bit earlier than usual. Around eleven that morning we noticed a colourfully dressed woman, armed with a drum, drumsticks and a big mouth, standing on a crate and shouting her head off. What exactly she had to say was not entirely clear, but will be found out one day. For the time being we assume that you can ask her to tell everybody what you think of your neighbours, at a small price no doubt, but without repercussions...

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