Saturday, 15 December 2012

Paul Temple and the Dr. Kumar Case (5)

Even though there is still no news from our surgeon from India, Paul and Louise have not been twiddling their thumbs. Another Google search for the name of the company (EE UK Ltd) was done, giving the address of the company in Hove and name and address of the director in London. A search of the telephone directory however did not reveal anything, neither for the company nor for the director.
A Google search on the full address of the company however told us that this was the address of an accountants firm. Streetview confirmed that there was at that address a shield on the wall displaying the accountants name.
Louise phoned up the accountant, and found out that EE UK Ltd was indeed registered with them; they took care of their business somehow. After Louise had told them about a possibly fraudulent cheque we had received from EE UK Ltd the accountant promised to phone back ASAP.

To be continued

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