Saturday, 12 January 2013

Paul Temple and the Dr. Kumar Case (9)

Mid June our involvement with the scamming Dr. Kumar came to an abrupt end (click here for the complete series, to be read in reverse). We had our fun with him, and we were pretty sure there would be no more emails from Kumar being sent inquiring after another two weeks in September. However, a few days later we received another email, again from a doctor. This time it came from a certain Dr. Nelson Mark, a "medicine man" from Aberdeen. The email read:
"Dear Sir/Madam Compliments of the Season,
I am delighted to inquire for accommodation in your facility,I want to book accommodation for a Vacation.
Arrival date: 1st SEPT 2012
Departure date: 10th SEPT 2012
Total number of rooms needed 2 double rooms
Total number of nights 10
Total number of guests 4 (All ADULTS) Two couples.
We need: 2 double rooms or 2 bedrooms apartment for 10 nights.
Kindly provide us with the following details:
1. Your rates per night include all taxes in Euro or GBP
2. Its subtotal for the 10 nights in Euro or GBP
3. Our abroad sponsor will issue a certified cheque to you for our total payment.please let me know if you accept cheque payment.
We are group of medical experts from England coming for vacations.
Date is not available please get back to me with another date.
Have a nice day.
My Regards,
Dr.Nelson Mark
Orwell House, Souterhead Rd.Altens,
Aberdeen,AB12 3LF,United Kingdom.
Not only were the dates Dr. Mark wanted to spend here with three of his colleagues identical to those our Dr. Kumar had in mind, also the party size and the number of rooms were identical. Based on the similarity in use of written English I could only assume that both Doctors had attended the same primary school. The education in basic arithmetic must have been of the same quality as the English language course; I seem to remember from my primary school years that arriving on September 1st and leaving on September 10th results in a stay of 9 in stead of 10 nights...
Anyway, we had had our fun smoking out Dr. Kumar, and decided to bin Dr. Mark, or at least his email.
Until.... after two weeks e new mail arrived, again from Dr. Mark, identical to the previous one, and with the same loud title in capitals "BOOKING NEEDED".
Doing nothing at all for a while had bored us by then, reason why we decided to try to go for Dr. Mark's throat.
We sent him our normal standard email, telling him that he had to pay approx. € 200 up front, and yes, that we accepted cheques. Remarkably enough, we heard nothing from Dr. Mark; even more remarkable was that the steady stream of these sort of scam mails (we received sometimes 3 a day!) suddenly completely dried up.
Based on this I have developed a theory, called the "van Halderen conspiracy theory no. 12".
Mr. X, the brain, or at least one of the brains of the organisation, hands out big amounts of email addresses to a number of his accomplices. They are supposed to send those out, using any name or profession they fancy. The medical profession is obviously quite popular with this gang.
The moment a victim is hooked, Mr. X takes over. He does the actual negotiations, and he is the one with an overview of what has been going on. He possibly has built up a list of "unsafe" addresses, and we are, no doubt, on that list. I assume that our email address has been removed from the database all together.
For those who are fed up with receiving these sort of emails, I would strongly advise to follow the "van Halderen approach". I cannot, however, guarantee the same results as the ones we've got....

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