Saturday, 11 May 2013

Partir, c'est mourir un peu...

Ever since we live here, whenever we have something to celebrate we hop into the car and drive the few miles that separate us from Bray. Or to be more precise, to La Grange Finot, one of the many hamlets that make up the commune of Bray. The restaurant with the same name where we have devoured many a plate, was run by Serge Curtil, a very friendly man and extraordinary chef, who managed to create an outstanding meal for a very reasonable price.

Formerly : La Grange Finot - Bray

It came as a bit of a shock when we heard that Serge was about to abort mission in Bray, and was going to open another restaurant, this time in Cluny. Everything went rather quickly; a few weeks after we had heard the rumour (at least we hoped it was one) it was confirmed when we walked through Cluny's main street looking for what was going to be a new restaurant. There we bumped into Serge, this time not in cook's costume but in working cloths, who was quite adamant that his new place was going to open in a couple of days. And he certainly had put in some effort, because when we passed by a couple of days later, just out of curiosity, the restaurant was opened and several guests were enjoying their meal.
We should of course very soon try the Serge's new formula; he has stopped, at least according to the announcements outside, serving the classic plat or menu du jour for lunch at a very reasonable price in the bar area, and à la carte in the restaurant proper, lunch time and in the evening.

Rue Mercière - Cluny

We are still hanging on to our main meal in the evening instead of, like the French, having it during lunch. It looks as if the chance to have an excellent meal at an excellent price in the evening has disappeared with the arrival of the new formula.
That his restaurant is now called "La régalade" is one thing, that the sign outside says "Restaurant" and "Bar à vins" however might be a foreboding of something we do not particularly appreciate.
When will we pluck up the courage to try "La régalade"? Time will tell.... ....

For those who prefer to cook for themselves, the two gîtes in La Tuilerie de Chazelle are equipped with their own kitchen!

Who is the first one to call this number?

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