Saturday, 21 June 2014

6 : Auberge du Grison in Prayes

Besides the restaurants around Cormatin which classify as slightly more up-market, there was one missing, a restaurant where we had eaten a long time ago.

The Auberge du Grison in Prayes (commune of Chissey-lès-Mâcon) is not far away from our house, reason why on a beautiful Sunday afternoon we decided to have lunch there. The restaurant rated on my personal scale above Les Blés d'Or in Cormatin. The last time we had had dinner there was in winter, and there was quite a bit of game on the menu. The woods around here are good hunting grounds, and wild boars, roes, deer and pheasants are certainly not safe in the forest in winter. The ambiance I remembered was that of a rural inn.
Since then we have been back twice. The first time a young girl waited at the tables on the terrace, and not only was she more interested in a baby sitting at the next table then in the other guests, but she came back time after time with the question "Excuse me, what exactly had you ordered?", "Sorry, what desert did you want again?" and (for the third time) "By the way, did you order coffee or not?".
The second time we were treated quite badly by the proprietor, and in the end we were actually ripped off as well. So this restaurant, no matter what the quality of the food is, has been stricken off our list.

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