Saturday, 26 July 2014

Guitares en Cormatinois 2014

After a long time of preparation and 5 concerts, the Festival Guitares in Cormatinois is finished, and the plans for 2015 are already taking shape.

The venue of the concerts : the church of Chazelle
A very concise look at the festival:
1st Concert by Diego Salamanca – theorbe (an instrument from the lute family) and Jan Orawiec – violin. Music by (a.o.) Couperin, Händel, Rameau, Vivaldi.

Jan Orawiec & Diego Salamanca
2nd Concert by the ensemble Toscanini – flutes and Frédéric Costantino – guitar. Music from the Renaissance to the Barok. This was the second time that this group performed with a guitar player.

Ensemble Toscanini
3rd Concert by Hilario Yáñez – guitar. Works of a.o. Villa-Lobos, Ponce, Barrios.

Hilario Yáñez - photo N.P.
4th Concert by the Trio Oimatsu – reeds and Jérémy Jouve – guitar. Music by a.o. Mozart, Berlioz, Piazzola.

Jérémy Jouve
5th (Final) concert by the ensemble Tsarivny – banduras and voices. They played mainly Ukrainian folk music, with occasionally some western tunes.

Ensemble Tsarivny

La Tuilerie de Chazelle is involved in the organisation of the festival, hence we know well in advance which artists will perform.

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