Saturday, 3 June 2017

Café du Centre - Cluny

For quite some time now we have lunch every other week at "Café du Centre" in Cluny. When a few weeks ago we entered the premises we noticed a piece of paper, nailed to the bar, saying that 25 May was going to be the last day of business; that was the day "Café du Centre" was going to change hands.

Café du Centre in better days
We were always very attached to the atmosphere there; according to us it was a typical French, noisy café-restaurant where it was always so busy on Saturdays that those without a reservation were turned down.
We were unpleasantly surprised when we found out that Manu was leaving with all the staff, and that the previous owner was coming back.

Café du Centre - the bar
Not that we did not like the previous owner, but Manu and his staff had really grown on us. The reason for the change is for me as a non-commercially skilled observer a mystery, but there must have been something very fishy going on. Part of the staff had worked under the previous owner, and that they obviously did not want to work for that guy again makes one think. The café was supposed to reopen early June.

Café du Centre
In the meantime June has arrived, and yesterday, the second of June, a van loaded with cardboard boxes stood in front of the place. Inside a number of people were cleaning and reorganising things. The restaurant however is still closed, however It might open tomorrow.
Fortunately we passed by "La Nation" in Cluny's main street, and we decided to have a bite there.

Café du Centre, waiting for better days
However, we were completely flabbergasted when we saw that one of the waitresses of "Café du Centre" we know very well was serving at the tables there. She was only temporary helping out, but it certainly gave a very pleasant déja vu feeling being served by Adeline….
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