Saturday, 28 April 2018

Let the summer commence!

Snow in Ickenham - England
The Burgundian winter of 2018 will not enter the history books as one of the coldest winters ever. On the contrary; our winter this year was a real sluggish winter. Even though we had a few days with temperatures not far above the freezing point, a strong wind coming from the north combined with a high air humidity made us feeling cold to the bone.

Snow in the harbour of Den Bosch (the Netherlands)
I prefer one of these sunny bone-dry days, no wind, and temperatures well below zero. That feels a lot better, but we have hardly seen any days like that. Snow was also not very visible in Burgundy. The advantage of the lack of snow and real cold weather is that we had no black ice on the roads, nor slippery roads due to well compacted snow, and as a result we also had no problem with the mud-like layer of half-melted snow that can stay on the roads for quite a while after it started thawing.

Cité de la Musique - Paris
The only substantial snow we have seen we experienced during a short holiday in England just before Christmas, during a short visit to the Netherlands and while we had a short holiday in Paris, both in March. Here we had some sleet, but that did not produce a nice white blanket on the fields.

Sleet - Chazelle
As the summer is supposed to break out any day now, we sincerely hope that we will soon have a long period of dry, sunny and hence warm weather; that would at least make us forget the sluggish winter we have had.

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