Saturday, 7 July 2018

The latest from Cormatin

Het oorspronkelijke Café de la Poste
A lot of things are happening in our Metropolis, and some of the changes turn out to be an improvement. The Tabac, which moved quite some time ago from its original location between Les Blés d'Or and La Terrasse to a place a bit further down the road, the ex- Café de la Poste, has traded places again and is back to where it started from.

De oorspronkelijke Tabac
The Tabac sold at its previous and present location tobacco, scratch cards and loto cards; however, it also runs a cafeteria cum snack bar, and has a more spacious terrace at its disposal.

The "new" Tabac
On the vacant plot (hence ex-Café de la Poste) a new restaurant has opened its doors, Chez L'Oncle Jules. We have had a meal there twice now, and were very content with it. After the last wreath laying ceremony they were the ones who hosted the vin d'amitié and the snacks.

Chez L'Oncle Jules (Photo courtesy of S.L. Nixon)
The prices are very reasonable and the quality of the food is good to excellent; a starter + main dish is approx. € 13.50, and the à la carte dishes are also good and reasonably priced. The general criticism we heard (and we agree with that) is that the service can be a bit chaotic. However, that can be a wrinkle that might be ironed out with time; Chez L'Oncle Jules only opened its doors at the end of May. Nice little extra: the restaurant has an upstairs half open room, bordering a nice little garden. Hopefully the restaurant is here to stay.

Dakterras - Chez L'Oncle Jules

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