Saturday, 16 May 2015

An ultrashort concert

Most of the information we obtain about concerts etc. comes from the Journal de Saône-et-Loire, a source which is not always reliable.

Concertzaal - Château de Burnand
In the Friday's extra the events for the coming week in the department are announced. One week we ended up in front of a locked door in Juliénas (Beaujolais) where the exhibition we wanted to visit should start on November 1, whilst in reality the exhibition opened one week later. Recently we read in the paper that a free concert would be given in the château of Burnand, starting at 17h30. We are always well in time, if only to find a good seat.

We were there around 17h00, time enough to put our coats on one of the few available chairs near the exit (the majority of the chairs had a sticker "reserved" on them) and to wonder around the premises. At 17h30 there were still hardly any spectators, except for a handful of people who were downing drinks. Later we found out that the bar where drinks were for sale opened at 17h30, while the concert did not start until 18h00. Everything was a bit obscure, because from 17h30 onwards every so often some musicians started playing.

And they were not tuning; no, they were playing classical pieces of music. This did not sound very promising, however, it could well be that the whole group was stronger than the sum of the indivdual musicians. The waiting period gave us also some time to admire the paintings of the owner of the château, which decorated the walls in a rather abundant way.
When the concert finally started at 18h00 we did not need more than a few minutes to decide that we would be better off outside.

Eerste deel van het concert
We arrived home a lot earlier than expected, although not in time to join a concert in Chapaize. This concert, which takes place each Ascension day, is given by the Dutch madrigal choir Roundelay, is free of charge as well, and of exceptionally good quality. Ever since we live here we have not missed one of their concerts, except the one this year. So we have decided that this is not going to happen again. Next year we are going to see and hear Roundelay, unless someone with a real big name gives a free concert somewhere around here….

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