Saturday, 30 May 2015

Moving house

The Tabac in Cormatin, for years located next to Restaurant Les Blés d’Or, has moved early May to a different location.

Tabac old location
Nicole, who runs the Tabac, has taken the plunge and occupies a different shop now, a bit further down the High Street. Her husband, the owner of Café de la Poste, has disposed of part of his Café in favour of Nicole, who has now a lot more space available for the sale of cigarettes, newspapers and magazines and, possibly more profitable, lotto and lottery tickets. What is going to happen to Café de la Poste in the future is unknown to us. All indications are that the snack bar which is part of Café de la Poste will be turned into a proper restaurant, and possibly the café might cease to exist.

Tabac new location
The prices and the types of plates he offers presently are more in line with those of a restaurant instead of those he offered previously in his snack bar. However, that might be something for another blog.

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