Saturday, 25 July 2015

Belgian jokes

How many Belgians does it take to change a light bulb?

Five; one on the ladder to hold the bulb, and four to turn the ladder around. This sort of joke, very popular in the Netherlands at some stage, came to mind when we wanted to visit the museum in Mont Saint-Vincent, and we saw the museums employees busy trying to open the door with chisels, hammers and screw drivers. How many employees do you need to open a closed museum? Five; one to hold on to the door and four to demolish the walls around it.

Musée Jean Régnier
This museum is supposed to be open between April and October on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 15h00-18h00. On a beautiful sunny day in June we decided to visit the museum, and found two attendants waiting at the door, at 15h15. They were supposed to man the museum, but the man with the key was delayed. Never mind, we could have a look at the church in the meantime. When we returned at 15h50, we saw the keyholder together with the attendants working at the door.

According to the keyholder, the door handle prevented the key from turning around, and hence the door handle had to be removed. We decided to visit the mediaeval garden whilst waiting. When we returned, at approx. 16h10 there were five of them trying to force their way in.
We do not give up easily, but there are boundaries….
My only remaining question now is: if the museum has been (in theory) open approx. 20 times between April and mid-June, should opening the doors for the 21st time be so difficult?

The mediaeval garden
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