Saturday, 8 August 2015

Guitares en Cormatinois 2015

The festival is over; the preparations for the next one (2016) will no doubt commence very soon.
Below an overview of this year's concerts. Only the concerts which were distinctly different or much better than the other ones will get a few more lines than the (also good) remaining concerts.

Philippe Mouratoglou & Ariane Wohlhuter
Philippe Mouratoglou – guitar & Ariane Wohlhuter – soprano
A thorough program with music of Purcell, Dowland, Britten and amongst others Sor, Rodrigo, de Falla.

Franceries Sound Connection
Franceries Sound Connection – guitar, flute, percussion
An interesting program with what I for convenience's sake call World Music. A random selection: Roumanion music (such as the Hora Staccato), Brasilian music, an occasional tango, Zawinul's Mercy, mercy, mercy, etc.

Jérémy Jouve
Jérémy Jouve – gitaar
A sparkling program with works of (amongst others) Mompou, Rodrigo, de Falla and the contemporary composer Duplessy. Jouve stood in last year for a colleague who fell ill, and turned out to be by far the best guitar player of the festival. This year, 2015, he lived up to that reputation as well.

Eric Sobczyk & Agnès Abiton
Eric Sobczyk – guitar & Agnès Abiton – guitar
A guitar recital played on romantic guitars, with works of Carulli, Sor and Coste.

Irish Kind Of
Irish Kind Of – guitar, violin, flute, vocals
As the name of the band suggests this was a concert with mainly Irish reels and jigs. That Irish music is quite popular in France might be deduced from the band's origins (Grenoble) and from the fact that the concert was more than sold out. A number of people had to be send away, and the team of volunteers had to stay outside and listened in through the church doors that were kept ajar….

The team of volunteers outside the church
Click here for the website of La Tuilerie de Chazelle.

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