Saturday, 23 April 2016

The "Broken windows" theory

In September 2013 we were in Saint-Christophe-en-Bresse to have a look at the church, and approx. half a year later, in April 2014 we were there again to take some more pictures.

The picture that was found
The first time we were there, there were some workers busy at the entrance, but the second time we had the church all to ourselves. However, what I did not spot was the broken stained glass window in the oculus above the entrance door.
Assume you want to have the window repaired, but you have no pictures available, and the stained glass restorer would like to have at least an indication of what the original window looked like.

The broken window
Well, the internet might bring relief. The person in charge did a search on "her" church, found a not very detailed picture, reduced considerably not to make the site "Bourgogne Romane" too heavy, showing the by now stampsize window, and found the name of the person who took the picture. Via the telephone directory she finally ended up with me.

The old window (1)

Once it was clear what the woman wanted, a solution was quickly found. I (fortunately) save all my photographs in highest resolution, which means that I can blow up a small detail and still have an acceptable image. Whether this is good enough for the stained-glass restorer is not yet clear, but it is in any case better than nothing.

The old window (2)
One day we will revisit the church for a third time once the broken stained-glass oculus has been replaced.

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