Saturday, 9 April 2016

World Music

When we were still living in the Netherlands we really enjoyed going to concerts which would be classified nowadays as World Music. A number of consecutive years we signed up for a complete season of Indian music, and sometime later also African music, and certainly the guy who organised the Indian concerts had very good taste and was very lucky in engaging the right artists. When the man had to stop, for whatever reason, the Indian concerts became less interesting, but since that more or less coincided with our move to France we did not lay awake about it.

Bourg-le-Comte (A) - La Tuilerie de Chazelle (B)
As said earlier, the available concerts in Burgundy are by far not as varied as those available in the Western part of the Netherlands, where concert halls in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague offer a wide variety of different concerts. Here the really great names are scheduled for the big towns such as Paris and Marseille, and at not such a high standard in places like Lyon and Dijon. For jazz concerts one has to watch out for the big festivals in Montreux (CH), Juan-les-Pins and Vienne.

Sandip Chatterjee
We were pleasantly surprised when we found a venue that had programmed during a number of years one Indian music concert a year. How good the musicians are is of course a gamble, but in general the musical quality of the concerts around here are of a reasonable if not excellent standard. Besides, nowadays one can easily get an impression of the musical quality of a group via Youtube and the like.

Nihar Metha
In the very near future we will be heading for Le Canoë Renversant in Bourg-le-Comte for a concert of Sandip Chatterjee on santoor en Nihar Metha on table. Bourg-le-Comte is a good one and a half hours drive, so we will not be home in time to watch the late news. However, in order to see and hear a possibly interesting concert one should not begrudge those sort of things, should not one?

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